warbirds over the beach

Every year, the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach hosts their Warbirds Over The Beach event. As the name suggests, this event will satisfy any warbird enthusiast. With an amazing vintage collection of everything from trainers to bombers to fighters, it is hard to leave disappointed. Full Disc Aviation was fortunate to be able to cover the flying activities this year from numerous angles. Nathan Gingles, Chris Rose and James Woodard all spent time at the museum throughout the week and weekend. Capturing the flying portion of the show is a challenge, as the aircraft are restricted on how low they can fly while performing. However, with the grass runway and a row of trees as the backdrop, shooting the takeoff, landing, and taxiing can be very rewarding. James and Chris each spent a day shooting from the top of one of the hangers; truly a unique vantage point. Take notice of the shadows of the planes on the grass... not something you generally can see at a normal show. It is always a great day when you are shooting some amazingly kept warbirds such as a P-51, Corsair, P-40, Spitfire, Hurricane, Skyraider, P-64, B-25, PBY Catalina,  Messerschmitt BF109 plus many others. We would like to thank the Military Aviation Museum for their hospitality and encourage everyone to put the museum on their list of places to visit.