Aviation has been in my blood since I took my first breath. My father flew KC-135s for the Air Force and has a bigger passion for Aviation than any. My path to Aviation started when I was four years old, walking next to my dad at an air show for the first time in astonishment. I remember watching the Blue Angels for the first time and knew flying was a love. I paid for my very first flight in a C-152. $15 for a flight around the pattern a couple of times. Fast forward to my teenage years is when I started my training to become a pilot. Before college, I earned my private pilot’s license. While in college, I couldn’t afford to fly so I figured what better way to capture Aviation than with a camera. Starting out with a small Nikon Point and Shoot, to eventually moving into DSLRs (Nikon D3200) in 2013. Not knowing what the heck I was doing, I simply pointed and hit the shutter praying. I’ve learned a lot since I picked up a camera for the first time. When to do this, when to do that, and when to just sit and listen when experience is talking and throwing pointers faster than I can mentally write. I’ve had opportunities to meet some incredible people and photographers along the way, and have been extremely fortunate. 

Social media, Instagram in particular, has been another way to continuously push myself out of my comfort zone, allowing me to reach limits I never thought I could. It also has led to close friendships, inside jokes, and camaraderie amongst some of the industry’s best.  

Most importantly, I have to thank my family. For loving my work even though I look back and cringe at times. I have to thank my fiancé, Christina for understanding this crazy obsession of mine with aviation. For not getting upset at my alarm blasting at 2:30AM to drive to a show. For her constant love, support, encouragement, and for coming to shows from time to time. 

It is an absolute pleasure of mine to ALWAYS push myself to get better and provide aviation through my eyes. From four years old to now, and to the future, aviation will always be in my blood. 

Gear: Nikon D750, Nikkor 24-120, Sigma 150-600C (and lots of coffee)