I attended the Ocean City Airshow in mid-June, but due to unforeseen circumstances I was only able to attend the Friday practice show. I was able to get a look down the beach on Saturday but was miles from the show box, rendering me a few unique images. My main focus was the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, as it was my first time seeing their majestic display, and they nearly got through their whole show on Friday. Their performance was a graceful, energy management routine, shifting formations at the tops of loops with multi-aircraft cross-ups in between. Among the other performers were East Coast mainstays, like Matt Chapman aerobatics, Scooter Yoak in the Quicksilver P-51, and the B-25 Panchito. Friday's show also had A-10 and C-5 flybys, and the US Air Force and Navy/Marines showed up with the F-16 Demo Team and the Blue Angels respectively. [-np]