Full Disc Aviation's Ryan Kelly, James Woodard, Ryan Tykosh and Nicholas Pascarella attended MCAS Beaufort's airshow on Saturday, April 27 to witness the latest in Marine Corps aviation under an azure sky. The lineup included many familiar acts, such as the US Navy Blue Angels, the F-22 Raptor Demo team, the Geico Skytypers, and the Class of '45 with Jim Tobul and Scooter Yoak. But the show also included flights from the AV8B Harrier, C model Hornets, Osprey and Sea Stallion helicopters and a C-17 from Charleston, in addition to Julie Clark, Gary Ward, Rob Holland, Matt Chapman, SOCOM Para-commandos, SRC Airshows, Kent Pietsch, and the Smoke 'n Thunder jet truck. As a highlight for the base, we were witness to the very first full F-35B demonstration as well.

Special thanks to Lt. Kevin Buss and his Marines for their assistance, service and hospitality.