Some of my earliest memories are of airports and flying commercially. My mother was a United Airlines flight attendant for 40 years. As such, we would frequently fly to visit family members in the Midwest. I always loved the naturally restive and peaceful nature of flying. On one of my trips to Oklahoma, my mother and Grandmother took me to an airshow in Oklahoma City. Seeing warbirds, jets, and helicopters up close made a big impression on my little brain. How can a nine year old not get star struck when meeting the Blue Angels? Going to airshows became a constant in my life. First with my mother, then later friends, and ultimately with my wife.

I have dabbled with photography since high school, but I drifted away from it as a young adult. It wasn’t until I moved to Hampton Roads that I found my muse: The Military Aviation Museum (MAM). Being able to get up close and personal with the amazing warbirds from the collection reignited my love for old planes and photography. I live in a nexus of amazing photography opportunities; within 30 minutes of my house I have NS Norfolk, NAS Oceana, NALF Fentress, and MAM. I have spent as much time as I can reasonably get away with honing my skills and learning from the like-minded people here I have met along the way.